Packrafting could be described as carrying a small inflatable kayak while hiking.
These special rafts are tough and durable but also light and compact. So it can be packed down to a size which is tiny enough to carry in your backpack, or in your bike, without weighing you down. Packrafting is a game changer because it allows us to reach places which would not be accesible otherwise. To draw new lines on the map and create new routes crossing lakes, reaching rivers or hidden beaches. In other words, to explore nature like never before! Check out our packraftin routes for more information.


The gear you need for a packrafting trip depends on the type of adventure you’re planning. As stated before, a packraft is tiny enough to be carried in a backpack or in a bike. And some people even use their packraft as pulka in the snow! So with a little imagination, the possibilities are endless.

Minimum packrafting gear for a day trip in flat water, during summer time with warm water:

  • 1 backpack of around 40L,
  • 1 packraft with inflatable bag and repair kit,
  • 1 paddle (preferably a 4-piece paddle),
  • 1 pfd (mistakenly called life jacket),
  • 1 whistle,
  • 4m of 6mm rope,
  • 1 waterproof phone pouch,
  • 1 phone with enough battery 


alpacka-raft-packraft palm-pfd-packraft-rowild tntp-rapa-paddle-rowild-packraft Mochila+de+Monta+a+y+Trekking+Forclaz+50+litros+Gris.png

Total weight of the minimum packrafting gear can vary between different brands and models. But for example, the equipment listed above is around 4kg. And that's pretty amazing given the high quality and performance of the materials. If you want to try packrafting for the first time you could rent all the gear shown on the pictures here: packraft rentals.

Plus we need the basic hiking gear for that season that is:

Light clothes, shoes, sun glasses, hut, sun cream, water, snack, headlamp, hypothermia blanket, first aid kit etc.


We would like to remark that this minimum packrafting equipment list will only work for a day packrafting route around your area, in summer time and in calm waters, because the packrafting gear for a long trip would be completely different. Let's say, for a multi day trip in winter time and in a wilderness area it would be composed by many items, and we should know their functions, how to store them, and how to use them. Some examples are camping and sleeping gear, appropriate clothes for hiking but also for kayaking (drysuit, wet suit or even a rain clothes combiantion), gps, PLB, dry bags, helmet, dried food, water filter and so on.

But remember this: less weight in your pack, equals more fun on the trip. Although you should never cut down in safety. Keep that in mind, please. 


Ruta Cova Tallada tour is a packrafting loop that starts in cala Les Rotes. Hike between cliffs and a watchtower of the XVI century, kayak and snorkel. 55€

With more kayaking than hiking this packrafting route is a perfect choice for those willing to explore a unique and beautiful landscape. 50€

Hiking and kayaking in a beautiful landscape. One of the best packrafting guided tours of the coastline. 60€

The perfect packrafting weekend getaway. A loop with good balance between kayaking and hiking. 250€

History, big walls, clear cristal water and wildlife. A lovely packrafting adventure for a weekend getaway. 270€

Paddle in deep green calm waters and see remarkable and unforgettable places and fauna - hawks, eagles, vultures, herons and turtles. 200€

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