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Packraft rentals Spain: we rent high quality packrafts, and we hare happy to do so but under some conditions. Because our main motivation in packrafting is that you stay safe in the outdoors and particularly in the water, we only rent our equipment to people that meet our safety standards. We hope you understand and share our values. 


What packraft products are included in the rental?

is included?

1 Packraft (ask for other models)

1 reparation kit and inflation bag 

1four piece paddle

1 pfd jacket 

1 backpack 50L


To qualify for our rentals you must show proof of your skills to a minimum of our Packrafter Level I and Whitewater Packrafter Level II  or similar experience/courses.


Please, don't paddle alone unless you have the right amount of expertise, even so, for your safety we encourage you to always paddle with more people. But if you still want to give it a try by your own, please make sure you are fully prepared. We recommend to attend our Packrafting Advanced Skills Level III and our Expedition Packrafter IV for that matter. Or show proof of similar experience/courses.


* Shipping and returns are not included in the rental price.
* The shipping + return price per pack (packraft, paddle, vest and backpack) in the Iberian Peninsula is 25€.

Check our rental rates by hovering your mouse over the photos below or contact us for more information.

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