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Cala Granadella, Alicante




Ruta Granadella - Ambolo is one of the best packrafting guided tours you can find on the Spanish coastline. With more kayaking than hiking this route is a perfect choice for those willing to explore a unique and beautiful landscape.

The walk runs between a step path but easy to hike, and it shows a magnificent, panoramic view of the coastline and mediterranean vegetation. 

The kayaking section has everything we, as explorers, would love to find in a new route: hidden beaches, sea life and caves. Make sure you bring your snorkeling gear. You will love this trip!

Granadella - Ambolo tour is mostly a kayaking loop with a little hiking that usually starts in mirador torre Ambolo. Although depending on wind conditions we can start from Cala Granadella. But no worries, our guides will make that call for you, our priority is your safety. 

Highlights of this hiking & kayaking trip:

Cova Del Llop Marí, Cala En Caló, Cala Granadella, Cala Ambolo, Mirador Torre Ambolo (more info in the worth reading section below).

More about this packrafting adventure:

This is a packrafting trip, so you will have to carry a backpack in the hiking section with the packrafting gear inside. Which is around 4kg, quite light given the high performance of this equipment, that allow us to explore the landscape as a whole. By land and by water! However, if you feel like this is too much for you just let us know before booking, and will try to find a solution for you. 

Nevertheless, this walking and paddling trip is ideal for adventurous families, couples or small groups. We keep group sizes small and friendly to allow us to focus on you having the best possible experience.

  • Typical group size: 6 persons
  • Minimum age: 6 years 
  • All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. ​
  • Know how to swim is essential
  • Group and Family rates available.
  • All safety and packrafting equipment is provided.​
We will provide you with a full kit list upon booking, you don't need any specialist equipment.


 6 km


 6 km Kayaking


 Suitable for families 

dog Suitable for dogs in low season




Meet your guide at the designated location, Here

Pick up your designated backpack with the gear and put in your personal belongings. And attend our Safety Briefing.

Let's go for it! sea life, caves and snorkeling along the way always enjoying the views. Once we arrive to Cala Granadella we'll have a break to eat something and relax. Then will make our way back to mirador torre ambolo.

We return to our cars and we are free to go!

Ready to join our adventure?