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Whitewater Packrafter Level II is a packrafting course designed to teach novice paddlers to competently enjoy entry-level whitewater packrafting trips in rivers, and participate in more advanced trips as part of a more experienced team. 

*NO packrafting experience necessary.

*Packraft Paddler Level I Course advisable.

Packrafting Course Duration: 2 days (8 -10 hours per day)

Class Ratio: 1 Instructor to every 4 students, or 2:8 with an additional instructor or trained assistant.


This two-day packrafting course will be spent outside as we practice skills on the river. The course will involve the following skills:

Packrafting Whitewater Equipment, 

Packraft Repair,

Basic Principles of River Safety and Rescue,

River Reading, River Hazards,

Self Rescue, Swimming in Running Water,

Basic River Strokes,

Basic River Boating Maneuvers,


Environmental Concerns 

Day Packrafting Trip Planning.

We will also briefly touch on higher levels skills such as Group Rescue, River Running and Throw Rope Bag.

This type of boating demands a specific set of skills and strategies. Rivers are an excellent resource to introduce you to this type of boating.

We focus on the importance of good decision-making, personal judgment and group responsibility in all river situations. 



In order to participate in Whitewater Packrafter Level II each participant must:

  • Be in physical condition to participate in all individual skills and activities listed in the course outline. 

  • Be able to actively swim in running water while in a PFD (jacket) and helmet. 

  • Be accountable for keeping themselves properly outfitted, fed and hydrated during full days in the field. 

*If you do not meet these prerequisites please contact ROWILD for Custom Course options

The course content, and sequence of instruction may be adjusted to best fit the group’s needs and water levels at class locations, for this reason the following itinerary is subject to change.

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